Monthly Archive: August 2015

Aug 26

Shamanic Empowerments

I have found the personal need, as Shaman and a Caretaker of these Ways, to engage with people in a more integrative, comprehensive manner, providing something… deeper. I trust, therefore, that there are those individuals out there who are also looking to engage these Shamanic Ways that go beyond addressing the immediacy of a healing …

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Aug 23

Mén-zu: The Emergence of the Sacred Warrior

Mén-zu: Emergence of the Sacred Warrior September 12 – Moon conjunct Sun 20º10’ Virgo Sun/Self in Virgo: Honoring one’s own life as Sacred Moon/Past Master in Virgo: Embodying the principles of sacredness in all that one does. Solar Eclipse/Emergence in Virgo: The birthing of one’s personal journey as a Sacred Being into life. Reclaiming one’s …

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