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The Astrology of Shamanism: A Costa Rica Retreat

All authentic Shamanic Ceremonials are the dramatic enactment of the

Mythos inherent within cosmological phenomena.

Astrology is the key to unlocking the significance of these dynamic intersections of the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars with the Earth… and ourselves, we who are the Conscious expression of these dynamic engagements in physically manifest form. An astrological chart, from a Shamanic perspective, is a road map of the Soul. It aids us in understanding the inherent nature of the events – physical, emotional and spiritual – that lie upon the course of our Soul’s journey through this Earthly domain.

In this week-long retreat we will be immersed within the point of view that enables us to begin to perceive our world and experiences from the perspective of the Soul. From that vantage point we are able to see how our life, in its mundane and profane activities and experiences, are driven by the profound expressions of the Soul in its journey to make manifest our individualized awareness of Consciousness as it relates to the vast interconnected community of Humanity and all Life.

The Presentation

October 22 – 28, 2017

This retreat is a full week of training and personal sharings by Jade Wah’oo Grigori, an authentic Shaman of Lineage, and Sao, a Shamanic Astrologer of insight, knowledge and passion.

We will be investigating the relationship of Astrology and Shamanism, and how to utilize the melding of these two ancient systems of knowledge to further and enhance your own personal ceremonies of growth and learning, as well as seeing your personal journey of Soul in the context of the greater cosmological cycles.

Costa Rica

  • We will be spending one full week in the Caribbean seaside town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Set amidst the splendor of the jungle meeting the sea, life is one of vibrance and ease.
  • Lodging is on site at Kaya’s Place Hotel. Double occupancy lodging is included. Single occupancy, by request, is available for an additional fee. Please inquire early.


  • Classes will be morning and afternoon, with plenty of time for meals, a swim in the sea, a walk on the beach or a stroll into town.
  • Wednesday is set aside as an Excursion Day (all expenses paid!). We will visit an animal rehabilitation park, and visit the many wild animals of Costa Rica. Lunch will be at an excellent Tico restaurant serving authentic Costa Rican dishes. Next we will take a tour of a local finca de cacao (chocolate farm) where we will see first hand the process of growing, harvesting and processing the cacao pods into chocolate. Included are a cacao scrub (heavenly!) and… eating lots of chocolate!
  • Personalized instruction and sharing with the class and you, as an individual, by Jade and Sao. There will be opportunities for night sky teaching (weather permitting) and group ceremonials.
  • With plenty of free time to experience the wonders of Costa Rica, you may wish to explore the beaches, snorkeling, surfing, jungle hikes, and a plethora of other activities.
  • Meals are readily available, both at our hotel and in town. All meals are at your own expense, except the lunch on our Excursion Day, which is being bought by Jade and Sao as an appreciation of your presence.
    • There are a variety of restaurants to suit any taste. Puerto Viejo has a couple vegetarian/vegan only places, locally caught fish is abundant, Tico sodas (Tico is what Costa Ricans call themselves. A soda is what we call a cafe. No, I do not know why!) serving typical Costa Rican fare, a French creperie, some really excellent Italian restaurants (Italians are the primary non-Central/South American expats here), Argentinian steak houses, as well as the ubiquitous pizza parlors.
    • On Saturday there is a Farmer’s Market with lots of fresh locally grown/harvested fruit and veggies, much of it organic. We will start class an hour late that day so we can go there. There are a couple supermarkets (and one organic market… yay!) in town as well, for those who wish to provide basic foodstuffs for themselves.

The Presenters

Sao, Shamanic Astrologer

Around 14 years of age (plus or minus a few months) we all experience our first Saturn opposition — an experience that, if we flow with it rather than resist it, can generate a shift in the very foundation of our lives. For me, that experience came from reading a book that shook me to my core. That book ignited a blazing fire in my Soul that changed me from a playful child into a sincere and devoted student of Life and Love via the study of “western” astrology, numerology, mythology, symbology, language-as-symbols and other meta-physical modalities. Decades later, at 55 1/2 years of age, during several simultaneous, equally Life-changing planetary cycles I was introduced to Shamanic Astrology (very different from “western” astrology) and that cutting-edge astrological system stole my Heart. So I integrated and synthesized all my other meta-physical studies into that one astrological system that’s specifically designed to track what we call the true intent of one’s Soul. Since then I’ve performed approximately ten thousand readings for clients in dozens of nations around the world.

Times of personal crisis are always power points for change. The greater the crisis, the greater the opportunities to change, and the greater the change, the greater the Soul’s reward.
Once upon a time, when I was at a place of major personal crisis I pleaded with Creator to rearrange my Life so that I could best serve myself, serve humanity and serve The Evolution of this Creation, and I promised Creator I would live the Life of service to the very best of my ability. That’s how I became a professional astrologer-personal counselor. So I did not choose this profession. In an exceedingly strange and entirely unexpected way (the signature of a Uranus cycle), Creator chose it for me. Creator gave me this magnificent assignment-opportunity to be of service to you and yours.
That’s the reason I perform this work-service daily, and it’s definitely the reason I do it to the very best of my ability. In every “reading” (I prefer the term “sacred communion”) I give every individual client all I have to give.
For me, being of service in these ways is one of the most meaningful endeavors I have experienced in this Life.
Hopefully these few words will help you understand why I do what I do, and why I will greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in the sweet magical vibration of Costa Rica.
For more information about me please feel free to peruse my personal website: www.astrologyofchange.com
For more information about Shamanic Astrology please feel free to peruse the official Shamanic Astrology website: www.shamanicastrology.com
Hopefully these few words will help you understand why I do what I do, and why I will greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in magical Costa Rica.


Jade Wah’oo Grigori

Jade underwent his first Shamanic Initiation, that of Death-by-Intent, in 1956 at 5 years of age. Of Mongolian ancestry, Jade Wah’oo Grigori received direct initiations and training from his Ancestral Spirits who guided and instructed him in the rigorous endeavors of journeying into the spirit-realms, ways of healing and accessing Knowledge.

In 1974 Jade met and was adopted as Grandson by Juan Peña, an Old-Man Shaman (Téwa-Ké or Bear Shaman) of one of the Tewan Pueblos of the Upper Rio Grande. With his Grampa Peña’s death in 1982, at the age of 104, the Caretakership of ‘the Ways’ passed to Jade Wah’oo.

I seek to bring forth authentic Shamanic Ways on behalf of my community, the community of All Peoples. In these offerings you will find authentic Earth based ways of knowledge and, hopefully, wisdom, presented in a respectful manner. If this appeals to your sensibilities, and you have an earnest desire to engage your own spiritual path with assistance from an ancient and authentic heritage, please avail yourself of this fortuitous opportunity.
With honor do I carry the responsibility of making these Shamanic Ways accessible to the Peoples. As my predecessor and mentor, my Grampa Peña, told me, “Grandson, we (Shamans) belong to no people. We belong to all people!” So it is that I continue to bring these Shamanic healings, teachings and spiritual investigations forth to all peoples, regardless of race, gender or culture.
Guided by tradition, birthed in authenticity, speaking the language of the modern world, I seek to make these practices available to All Peoples of sincerity, dedication and commitment.



  • All class teachings
  • Lodging (double occupancy) 8 nights: October 21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28
  • All expenses of the Excursion Day
Does not include
  • Travel expenses
  • Meals (except lunch on the Excursion Day)
  • Extracurricular activities of your choosing (hiking guides, zip-line tour, surfing lessons, etc)
  • Tips for hotel staff and Excursion van driver (if you choose).



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