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Man to Men

Man to Men You have worked diligently upon yourself to clear away the old culturally instilled belief systems, the programming and mindsets of your upbringing, the biases you once embraced. Racism, sexism and hatreds are ugly shadows that are being identified and met whenever they rise into consciousness. You have done a lot of inner …

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Ceremonials Done Long-Distance

A Word About Ceremonials Done Long-Distance I am a Shaman of the 21st Century, a Technician of the Sacred. The ceremonials and knowledge of ‘the Ways’ that I carry are ancient in source and wisdom. A responsibility of myself as Shaman is to make the songs, teachings and ceremonials accessible to the People (that is …

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Of Mongols and Shamans

Mongolian Shamans For the past few years I have been in email contact with Altana, a deeply rooted Shaman from Mongolia. He first contacted me in 2004, saying he wanted to connect with me as a fellow Shaman. This last month he informed me that he was coming to Sedona to visit! He arrived on …

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Spirituality and Money

Spirituality and Money Within the cultural paradigm of which I come the thought of ‘paying’ for a Ceremonial never comes up because the thought of NOT paying is never considered, so there is never the need to put a ‘price tag’ on anything of a spiritual nature. We Spirit People who provide a spiritual service, …

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Power of Sacred Objects

The Power of Sacred Objects An interview with Mongolian-American Shaman Jade Wah’oo Grigori by Diane M. Cooper Diane: Jade, why are ceremonial objects powerful?   Jade Wah’oo: There is a Spirit which resides within sacred implements, and Spirit requires the embodied presence of Power as it expresses itself in the world. Power is life-force collected …

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Men in Balance

Men in Balance First are we all co-inhabitants of this planet: red, yellow, black or white peoples, and tribal cultures; only then are we distinguished as Man or Woman. References of relationship must begin with knowing whom we are before we can begin to accurately perceive our relationship with others. And this awareness of our …

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My First BLOG Entry